Art Project on Labor Day Weekend

We were out again! We have worked a lot of the day on Saturday and were determined to finish up as soon as possible. So Monday, Labor day, we got back to work. Some of us were more excited than others:

Mirah was ready to get back to staining.

We did orange and yellow next.

And it was pretty clear we had about enough blocks cute. So Karl joined us staining.


Lucas played in the yard, and ate at the table, and was just happy to be outside.

My fingers.

I just love the way list looks.

Deep into the afternoon we lined up the blocks we had, and were starting to question our color choices.

It was starting to look a little…kindergarten / pediatrician’s waiting room.

So, after LOTS of discussions and experiemnting with blocks we decided to not use the orange and red blocks. THEN we would finish a few blocks with no stain.

RIP red and Orange blocks.

It was really starting to come together.


The last of the blocks we needed.

We did some math of blocks we had left, colors we wanted to incorporate, and got to work.

More greens and blues and yellows.

Unstained blocks.

Once everything was dried, we put them into a bug bucket.

We started cleaning up.

It felt like my nails would never be the same.

We prepped the board we were going to use for the blocks.

We tired a few different types of adhesive. The first one was a water activated one. So Karl got the board wet.

And we got to work attaching blocks.



An hour later…

We liked the configuration, but the adhesive wasn’t working well enough.

So off to Ace we went.

Lucas was so helpful

Ready to finish. But done for now.

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