The Move to Orem

So, we moved to Orem. On Saturday August 11th. Friday the 10th, Nick, Zac, Krysta and Karen came over and helped us move all of our stuff out to our apartment and put it into a U-haul. The next day, we got the rest of our crap put into the truck, gor Provo bakery for the group and headed up to our new place.

Nick, Zac, Krysta, Karen, Betsy, Asher, Judah, Mom, Cameron, Benji, and Josh helped us get all of our junk out and into our apartment. It took me about a week to get the place mostly unpacked.

We have left my beloved Provo. We live in Orem now. On the up side, My sister Krystin showed me this awesome picture:

Thanks so much to everyone that helped out! I hate moving.

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