The Demolition Derby

So this event comes with a story.
Probably four years ago, we heard about the Utah County Demolition Derby. We tried to get tickets. No Luck. We did get stuck in traffic, and had a terrible time. We tried again the next year. No luck AGAIN. There was even a failed attempt to got the the festival of colors in there, when we started saying, “Spanish Fork can eat my pooh.”

Yeah, we did, for a long time.

Then, I say an add for this derby in the paper when I was looking around for birthday presents for Karl. I went online and was able to get tickets!
I gave them to Karl for his birthday!

It was our first date since Mirah was born.
We left her in the caring hands of Betsy, and we were off!

We had fair food for dinner! (Woo Hoo to Navajo tacos, Kettle corn and snow cones!)

We were at the top of the stadium. Note: The tickest were almost sold out when I got them back in JUNE.

It was such an awesome event.

The worst part was waiting for them to toe everything away between heats.
They sometimes had to get little fork lifts to turn them all over!
It was rad. There were cars flipped over and a fire! So awesome!

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