Sunday-Primary, Mask Project, Old Family Video, Funny Text

Sunday’s look different these days. Since church still makes me crazy nervous, mask are still optional, PLUS,our ward only meets once a month, and only for Sacrament Meeting. So¬†we do church at home. Here we are doing Primary. We watch sister Barnes on Magical Musical Minute.

She does a great job keeping the kids engaged. Here they are patting along to the beat:


(Lucas always wears his tie to church.) He says, ‘it’s tie time, you always wear ties to church”


We do projects, like this one:


Putting these little beads on all the masks so they fit better on the kids for school.

We of course call family. Malia, today, sent us a GEM of a video from Caitlin’s baptism:

SO SO SO SO many little gems here. The way Karl looks EXACTLY like his dad. Caitlin looking like a crazy little princess in a tree. CARIG. This is first time I ever heard Craig’s voice. Also, Craig looks JUST like Karl. Found out Zach got had a cast.

IMG_1257.PNG IMG_1259.PNG
IMG_1261.PNG IMG_1268.PNG
IMG_1265.PNG IMG_1264.PNG

AND I got to see cute Karl, with his frosted tips. *SIGH*

One last random thing, that happened that day. I got the following text from my PTA friend Aimee.


Ahhh, so good.

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