Another Art Project

Back in July – we had our little staycation.
One of the things that we had planned on doing was an art project.I follow Josh Gad on my Instagram and he posted this:
He just had this installed in his home.

So I looked up the artists page.
Loving this.
Oh my goodness looking at this made me want to make it myself SO badly.
 So, over Labor Day weekend, we did it.

Well we started it.

 First stop:

The Lumbar Store!

The blocks in the piece we were inspired by we 2X2 or 3X3 blocks.

Our Lumbar store only had 1×1 or 4×4

We went with the 1×1 for a couple of reasons:

1. Cost

2. Weight

It is always so exciting to through yourself in to a new project and we super did.  In addition to the lumber we bought clear stain and some hardware. Then off to hobby lobby for pigments (we just used latex paints)
Step one,  measurements and math. Figuring our
Time to chop chop chop!

 Next, after making some cuts we wanted to make sure it would work. It was looking so good.

SO my sweet Karl got to work cutting up some wood!

You can really see all the saw dust on he dark shirt and in his hair.

Oh Karl.

Meanwhile, Mirah and I started staining.

Mom’s helper.

We chose to do a stain rather than just straight paint, because we wanted to be able to see the wood under the paint.

We wanted to have different shades from the same color

After our first day of cutting and staining, we had our red and blue blocks done.

There is something really satisfying about looking at all of them together.

 Excited to keep going.

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