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So, like I said a few posts ago, we live like hermits these days. Last night we watched TV pretty much all night. We did take a break to do FHE. Karl made some dinner too, which we ate while watching TV. What TV could be so captivating?
This Portlandia clip tells the whole story:

Seriously, when an episode is over, one of us inevitably turns to the other and says, “Just one more?”

Sometimes we will watch an episode, turn to each other and say, “Why are we watching this? I am just not that into it anymore.” Then we will watch “just one more” the next day and we are totally hooked. I have to say, I love watching TV this way, it is like reading a book. The whole series is on Netflicks, and we have spent literally the past month watching this sometimes crappy, sometimes amazing always addicting show.
One more little bit of amazingness from Portlandia that I found looking for the other clip

We are only about half way through the series…this is taking for freaking ever…I love it.

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