A Quick Note on Mobility

So, check out the picture below.

The woman in the black dress is me, there is also man ahead of us, slowly dragging an oxygen tank behind him. This is the story. I held the door open for this man on our way out of our church building. This is a couple of blocks later, on our shared walk home.

He was smoking me.

Yes, this is where we are. I am slowing down, the waddle has begun, and yes I am to the point that I just want to get this baby out of me. Every little move she makes just makes me want to kiss and hug her.
31 days to go.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Note on Mobility

  1. Hang in there baby girl. This will be over soon. Just don't count on being early. Plan on at least until the due date, because then if you don't come early it won't be a let down, and if you do it will be a pleasant surprise. "Just keep swimming…, just keep swimming… 🙂

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