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The hardest thing for me about being pregnant isn’t the nausea (which I still have, everyday) or the constipation (why does no one every talk about this, it has taken me totally by surprise!) or getting up literally every two hours to pee (pittle really, I never knew two drops of pee could make my bladder hurt so much and feel so full!), not even the impossibility of getting comfortable at night, or the day, when standing. No, the worst thing for me personally is the lack of energy I have. I love/ hate taking naps. It feels like such a waste of time. I want to go and do things, see things, but by the time I get home from work, sometime after 10-11 hour shifts, everything I have is totally spent. I feel like all I have done for the last month is sleep, work, watch TV, sleep.
Last night however, we found a brief reprieve to our life as hermits.
We went to a really fun event called:

This is the very film festival that the short, that later became Napoleon Dinamite, was created for. 🙂 (They loved to remind us all of that.) It made me think on Nitsy, and Space Garden, and made me wonder if it was going to be featured in any such festival.
Anyway, it was really great. There were no feature length films. There were some commerciales, an animated short, and some really funny stuff about roommates and guys trying to find the right girl.
There are two sessions per night, and we went to both. It was great.
We went out to Slab Pizza for dinner, came home and watched Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog.
Good times

One thought on “Final Cut Film Festival

  1. I saw something about this in my email (BYU needs an email restraining order) and it looked super neat. I think they showed a few films that won student emmys. Next year I'm sure we'll check it out.

    Nick will submit Space Garden to any festival that will have him. I would love it if it got into a large festival like SXSW so we can go. That would be boss.

    Sorry you're a pregnant hermit. We all try to hide the truth about constipation – stop letting out the big secret on the internets!!!

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