Pinewood Derby

So, did you know, I serve in the Primary.
I am the second counselor in our wards primary. I say this, only to make the my place in the following post. I guess I just want to start by saying that because I don’t want to seem like a creep that just showed up at this hilarious and amazing activity.
I am the youngest member of our presidency. I am the counselor over Cubs because I was the last one to touch my nose and say not it, and because I had no idea when I said, “I guess I can do it,” what that would entail. I did it because the other counselor had two kids (now three), and the President said I will do anything as long as I don’t have to do cubs. In short, I felt like I had to. I obediently bought my uniform, sewed on my patches, and went to my two extra meetings a month. It has been, interesting. But I love it. Just like in Primary, the kids are the best part.
I also want to say that I took tons of amazing pictures, many of our cubs with their cars, but I chose not to use pictures that have faces in them because I didn’t want to do that with out their parents permission.
Now, Wednesday was our Pack Meeting, and one of the most special pack meetings you could have!
The Pinewood Derby!
It started out like any other other pack meeting.
Flag Ceremony.
We had a couple of new cubs.
They do this adorable thing where they “brand” new cubs.
With flour…so cute!
The amazing brother Dorton made these amazing stands for all the boys cars.
Our leaders on the track.
A word on the track. It was legit. It came with a digital sensor, and a man to run it, and yell at the kids for not following the rules. 🙂
There was popcorn, and cool aid for snacks. It felt like all the best part of childhood.
Working in the Primary it sometimes awful, exhausting, and discouraging. Other times, it is hilarious, wonderful and amazingly the only place I want to be.
I loved Cubs that night. Blessing of service in the church.

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