Trampoline: Front Flips and Static Hair

Happy Sunday. We were up early, getting church done. We watched Magical Musical Minute, and read the Book of Mormon about the Savior’s  visit to the Americas.


After church the kids needed release their wiggles. So they went out to jump of the trampoline.

Karl and I were sitting at the table. Karl was making brunch. They were practicing front flips. In fact, the thing that really caught our attention was Lucas being VERY encouraging as Mirah tried to do front flips. As she did it he would yell, “Great job Mirah!” I found out later that he was teaching her how to do front flip! (My heart is so big with love, she is sweet enough to be cool to let him teach her something, and he is happy to show her something she wants to know) We heard them and turned to each other and smiled. Karl said, “They can be so encouraging of each other sometimes.”

This got me really watching and for me it became all about Mirah’s insane static hair.




My cuties.


(A note, Lucas always puts a tie on for church.)

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