Dita e Veres/ Pi Day 2012

The day has come and gone again!
Pi day! (3.14…) And Dita e Veres in Albania! (The day of Spring)
So we gathered with friends and went out for Pi.
The awesome thing, (and what turned out to be the problem) the only Pi place we could think of we The Village Inn, and it was Wednesday, which means:
Here I am with Alicia and Adam, waiting for the first time ever to get a table at the Village Inn.
Alicia and Adam:
While we waited, Karl gave us a VERY long explanation about the uselessness of Pi which, I did record, but found to be a little long and dry, so Karl, you can write it in the comments if you feel strongly about it. It was something to do with measuring a circle, and Tau…
Anyway, after about 2o minutes, we were finally seated, and despite the fact our server was in a totally terrible mood, and gave us even WORSE service, we had a good time making our red and white bracelets for Dita E Veres.
After a pretty huge wait, we flagged the manager down, and she was able to get us some pie. This was a happy surprise, because our server had told us, “there is not a DAMN piece left.”
I had the tripple berry, and Alicia had the cherry:
It was Free, which made the day even more magical!

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