The Texture Blanket

So I have spent the last couple of evenings making the texture blanket. I got the idea from something that someone gave Karen. The idea is simple, one side is a soft silky material, the other side is a patchwork of different textured materials.
My materials are minky, fleece, some kind of stretchy materials, and cotton.
Isn’t this so cute?
Here it is after the fabric was cut.

Now the final product.

Here is the soft silky back:

Karl’s first comment was, isn’t it a bit small?

Yes and no. The idea is that you give it to your baby when they are fussy, to help sooth them. Just a little bit of a blanket to rub softly against their face.
Here it is. To give you some perspective:

It kind of covers her now.

This one is for my sister Chelsea. She asked me to get a good picture of my belly.
About the little blanket, I am really pleased with it, whatever Karl says about the size.

5 thoughts on “The Texture Blanket

  1. First. Nice job Betsy 😉

    Second I am so glad it turned out to darn cute! I wish i could have been there. I heart you and that cute little belly!

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