The Nursery

This weekend, we found that we had a bunch of extra and unexpected time at home. 🙂 We did the laundry, went grocery shopping, went to the post office, and planned for the next couple of weeks all before noon. We were going to go look at some housed for Nitsy, so while we waited for the realtor to call (which he never ended up doing) we put that time to use and started on some projects that we have been wanting to work on.

Namely, the baby’s room.

The way it looks today:

The art on the wall was one of my own creations. I got the idea from something I saw in a restaurant down in downtown Provo.
I acually did this on Friday night. We were both so worn out from the week that we ended up staying in.
The final product.

We also made the curtains for the window. We backed them with black canvas so they will keep the room nice and dark.

We also added some art to the shelf.
The robot on the left is a cut out from an old Aquabats shirt that Karl bought from a person outside of an Aquabats concert.

Also, a couple of selves down, our toy and book collection is expanding!
Both my mom and Karl’s mom sent cloths and toys for the baby this week.
Thanks Moms!
On other news we are now registered at Target and Baby’s R Us. So check it out… I guess.
I got my rogam shot, and I am officially in the first week of my third trimester. We are signed up for Lamase and a baby seminar at the hospital in a few weeks, so that should be fun.
We are going to buy a crib mattress soon, and when we do we will make a couple of crib sheets, with our material. Then we will also make a texture blanket as outlined in the resent post below. We are running out of projects, sadly.
But a baby will be here soon, which is super exciting!

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