Fabric Fever!

There has been great debate as to the colors for baby girl Hite. We don’t like pink and purple as much as the stores think we should, so we picked these colors:

Today we went on a shopping adventure and picked up some fabrics for using in Baby’s room/for Baby’s stuff:

A is a fleece in mustard. It’ll make some squares on a texture blanket and Karl is going to make a bed buddy.
B is a green heavy fabric that’s going to add some accent to the texture blanket. It was the end of the bolt so we got enough to make some pillows or something for our living room.
C is Allison’s favorite fabric. We’re using it in the texture blanket at least.
D is a brown/blue print for use in the texture blanket only.
E is this awesome satiny fabric that was in the Sari section. It’ll be the main back of the texture blanket.
F is a fabric that has yellow flowers on it and is too girly for Karl. It’s going to make some curtains.
G is a cool fabric that’s going to make a crib sheets.
H is a fabric we got from Karl’s mom. It’s great and we found some others in the same line at the fabric store and we liked them too. This might find its way into a crib sheet or some other thing.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Fever!

  1. What is a texture blanket? Sounds intreaging(sp). Love your fabrics. Trust you guys to come up with something so original and great.

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