Valentimes Day!

So, like most meaningful days, we stretched it out over 3 days. Monday February 13th, Karl and I were feeling a little sick.Even so, Karl wanted to give me a Valentines day surprise. He drove me out to SLC and wouldn’t tell me where we were going. The dear had found an middle eastern place to eat, becasue he know I would love it. He mostly wanted to find a place that served stuffed grape leaves. He remembered that I had had them in Albania, and once at a Lebanese place in Portland, and gushed about them. He remembered that, logged it away, and found them for me. What a sweet heart, huh?
We found ourselves at Mezza:
This place was REALLY good. Authentic too,
I mean, check out the case full of Baklava behind Karl:
Grape leaves and potate te skucura
Then my salce kosi, with pilaf and cheese, with steak, which a rarely if ever had in Albania.
After dinner, Karl took me to:
I had been trying to find a food challenge in our area to do instead of Sensuous Sandwich. This is one of the places. It has something called the machine gun, but that’s not what we had.
Instead, we had a Belgian chocolate stuffed Belgian waffle.
Oh so good!
What a nice day.
When we got home, we had the great identity debacle of 2012 waiting for us in the mail.
We have bee waiting for Karl’s passport for WEEKS, and when I got an envelope with a government label, I assumed it would be his passport. Oh it wasn’t. It was instead a document saying that Karl had not provided sufficient ID, and that he needed to provide a minimum of 5 documents, that are 5 years old or older, and send them ASAP. We sent the funniest group of ID cards, new paper articles and so on to try and prove Karl exists. They say we should had it before our trip, on Feb 23rd.
As of today, (Monday February 20th) still no Passwort. Yikes.
But, more happy things to see…
Like my gestational diabetes test!
Early on Valentines morning, went into the lab fasting, to do my test.
I had 5 minutes to chug, and it was really rough, and grose.
Thankfully, I do not have gestational diabetes.
In fact my doctor says, my tests came back so well, she said to eat what I want, and that we probably won’t test again. 🙂
For lunch Karl surpised me with a visit at my office. He brought me beautiful flowers, that he had picked out himself. We grabbed a quick bite at subway for lunch, then finished work.
That night we went to:
Krysta and Zac had been in line for us from early on.
I brought them each a little Valentine.
Here we are all cued up, we were all really excited!
The festival is two nights long. We went both evenings.
Karen and her dad right before we went in on the first night:
Karen and her dad, right before we drove home on the second night:
This year was so good!
We really enjoyed it this year.
Sad realization, it will probably be my last Bannf for a while. Next year we will have a 9 month old baby, and it is on Valentines day…
In fact, we are kind of counting down now.
I am due in three months from yesterday. And things are kind of closing in. Everything we do seems to be our last for the next little while. It is a little scary, but mostly really exciting. Karl and I are both so grateful to start this chapter of out life. I guess we will be potty training, instead of going to the movies. It is like our lives are finally beginning. Maybe it has been a blessing that we have struggled to have kids, because the prospect of being home with them sounds so awesome. We will see how I feel next year on Valentines day.

3 thoughts on “Valentimes Day!

  1. Next year on valentines day you are going to order take out and go to bed right after the baby does (so sometime before 9 probably) and you are going to think it is an AMAZING way to celebrate. Trust me, sleep is going to be the best present Karl ever gave you.

  2. The Banff Film festival is always so awesome! That's so cool that you went both nights, and it sounds like you had a fabulous 3 day celebration for Valentine's Day.

    And I'm glad you don't have the gestational diabetes!

  3. Having kids changes things, of course, but not the important stuff. That all gets better.

    For Valentine's this year we did our traditional "Romance Takeout" where we get eachother's favorite takeout and eat it on the living room floor. We did it at lunchtime so the boys could join us. We lead a very exciting life.

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