Peking Acrobats

So MONTHS ago, we were watching an episode of Sherlock, the new BBC series that remakes Sherlock Holms stories in modern times…:)
Anyway we were watching this show and it had some Chinese acrobats doing what they do. It was right before Karl and I were going to go to New York, and we thought, “Hey, if there are Chinese acrobats in London, they must be in New York too.” So we looked it up, and we couldn’t really find anything. We found this world renowned acrobat troop called the Peking Acrobats that was doing a US tour though, so we looked at their website, and wouldn’t you know it, one of their stops was Provo Utah. At BYU of all places!
We went to BYU’s website, and tickets didn’t go on sale until December 5. Which was the day we bought our tickets. Karl gave them to me for Christmas, along with a “fancy dinner of your choice.”
Well Friday night, the performance FINALLY came!
We were really excited.
Now, as you can imagine, picutres during the performance, but Karl snuck one right before the show started.
Our seats were spectacular!
We were on the upper balcony, on the front row in the middle.
And what a show!
I have tried to find words to describe what we saw, and the best I can do is to get some pics online to help me.
First, let me explain the apparent philosophy of this group. Take something crazy, show it to me simple, then take it to a place beyond what seems possible or plausible.
Like these girls spinning plates. They came out dancing, each spinning 10 plates.
Then they started jumping onto each other’s backs and heads and then finally this:
That was just the beginning.
There were these dancing Dragons, which were cute, but then the all got up on that red ball, TOGETHER.
Then there was the bike trick.
This started out really simple. You know, a girl doing spin tricks on a sweet fixed gear. You know, wheelys, head stands, normal stuff. Then there were something like 12 kids balancing on it riding in a circle, with fans.
Hands down the most exciting event was the stair stacking:
This is about the last thing this guy does. And it really doesn’t look that exciting, and it really started out slow. A few guys bringing out a table, and slowly butting four bottles onto it. Then a chair. Then the kid gets on top of all of it. 10 feet feet of the stage at that point. Meah.
Then another chair, he smiles. We wait. 5 chairs later the guy is sharing my airspace in the balcony, and he and I are seeing eye to eye. It was NUTS! Then he started doing acrobatics…I seriously thought he was going to die.
So, if the Peking Acrobats ever come to your town, YOU HAVE TO GO. They are amazing!
Worth the wait!
For our fancy dinner, I picked PF Changs. I was just in the mood. 🙂

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