Leah’s Birthday Visit

So last Sunday was our lovely Leah’s birthday. Happy Birthday Leah. I love you so much and I am so glad that Branny married you! Thanks for being so awesome and making my brother so happy.
Anyway, we ened up doing a video chat with Branny, Leah, Mom and Dad.
I took a few pictures of the screen throughout the conversation, and they were all so funny, that I had to post them.
Leah and Dad, looking very close.
Branny’s new facial hair. I looks amazing. This is the moment where dad was telling Brandon he got it about 30 years too late.
Then Belle ended up jumping on. It was really funny, and the the conversation was a little less fluid with so many different views, but it was still really cool to be “together.”
Sorry mom.
Everyone is really serious here.
There was a moment where Chels showed all of us the view from her balcony. It was pretty amazing. She said that she had seen humpback whales earlier that week from the same window.
We all started eating, and it had been an hour, so we ended up saying goodbye.
I love you all. That was really fun, we should do it again soon!

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