Grandma’s 74th Birthday

December was a weird month.
I never blogged about it, because it was just to hard at the time, but my wonderful grandmother, Denny Barainca, was really sick.
So sick, that the doctors told us that she would probably not make it through the night, then later she would not make it a couple of days. Blessedly, SHE MADE IT!
It has been a ROUGH couple of months.
So, when Grandma celebrated her 74th birthday yesterday, you can believe that we were all ready to have a party!
Also, cool thing was that the night before her birthday, she was moved out of the hospital, and into a Rehabilitation Center closer to her home in Sandy!
When Karl and I arrived, there were already some beautiful familiar faces there:
Grandpa and Grandma of course!
They were able to move Grandma Denny out of her bed and into a chair! Which she was super excited about! AND, we were all moved out of her room into this nice common area where we could sit and celebrate!
Other face you may know:
Kelsea and Heather
Kels and I got Grandma these flowers and some balloons too. I brought her that cupcake from the Provo Bakery.
Heather had the most amazingly sweet stroke of Genies niceness!
Look what she made Grandma:
Number Cookies!
Let me explain:
Growing up, every year for my birhtday, Grandma would send each of us a box of cookies all the way to California. Number cookies, of the age we were turning that year. Heather got the cookies too, growing up here in Utah.
It was actually really funny. Heather said it was REALLY hard to do, and it changed her whole perspective on what Grandma had done for her dozens of Grandkids all those years.
The Ballons. Blue and Yellow, Grandma’s favorite colors.
My mom sent a box too, which Heather helped Grandma open:
It was a beautiful soft blue blanket. Grandma loved it.
She read the card too.
Karl and I kept busy…
There were lots of vistor that morning:
Eventally the WHOLE Suker clan showed up! (Jared and his kids came right as we were leaving the parking lot) 🙂 Randy’s Fiance, Mary was there too. I found out they are getting married next week! Congratulations you too!
Janet came, fashionably late ; )
Loaded down with millions of things to make sure Grandma was a comfortable as possible.
You can tell she loves her so much!
Through all of this, Janet has been such a rock! Thank you so much Aunt Janet for being our link and go to for everything! We love you!
Nate and his new (old) Girlfriend Liz were there too!
We all sat and chatted. It was really nice to be there together, with Grandma, looking so good!
Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you so much!
My you have many more happy happy birthdays!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing those pictures. Grandma really looked good! Wow! It is amazing to see her like that after all those bad days in ICU.!

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