Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!!!
To Celebrate, we went out to:

I love this place. The food is so fresh, the Boba Smoothies are amazing, and the prices are super reasonable.
So I got the top two pictures from the internet, I only took 8 picture that night, and these are them…I will tell the story of what we did. We ordered, I of course got a Mango Boba Smoothie (so did Krysta.) 🙂
We also got these amazing chicken pot stickers, and well as pork and they were SOOO good too. We sat down and just chatted as we waited for our food. Karl and I took our inevitable shot:
But I was squinting, so we tried again.
Karen didn’t miss a beat, and she decided to photo bomb us:
She was being HILARIOUS that night. She was asking if we knew how to use chop sticks, and Karl said, sure, see:
She of course thought that was HILARIOUS, and then proceeded to ask me to take a million pictures of her.
“Take another one Pipps!”
“Another one”
He mom said, that’s enough.
Karen then proceeded to count all the Panda’s in the tree. I think that there were 13…?
Then I said, “lets take one of the Whitmore’s!”
Karen LOVED that idea…but she was still a little wired:
Zac was also pulling a face, so we did a do over.
Final shot!
So funny story surrounding the dinner:
It was SNOWING/SLEETING and so it was super wet outside. Poor Zac had ridden his bike to meet us there, and was soaked! He got there early and was just about to leave when we arrived.
Thanks for sticking it out Zac!
Other consequences of the snow:
No Fireworks
Karl and I finished out laundry, and went to bed…
I am 5 months pregnant you know, I am tired all of the time!
I guess we are just getting ready to having a baby. 🙂
Happy New Year!
May you have Health and Happiness this coming year!

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