It’s a Baby!

If you took the 15 minutes it takes to watch the video, or if you have talked to one of us, or if you have been on to Facebook at all recently…you know: It’s a girl!

That knowledge is honestly only secondary to the comfort that all signs are go, everything looks good. She is so wonderful, it is odd that I can love someone so much, without ever really meeting them. After all of this, I am finally really letting myself get excited.

Everyone is reacting differently. Karl was the first one to notice her short leg proportions and slightly larger head, as Hite characteristics. Karen keeps coming up to my belly and asking to say hi to her baby sister. My mom is excited to know what colors to buy for the quilt she will be making. Krysta and I are going to go and check out Hospitals soon, to see if I want to change my delivery plan, and I am even thinking of getting a Doula after a conversation over Sri Lankan food yesterday.

It is all starting to hit me, my life will never be the same, and I can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Baby!

  1. Yeah! You will LOVE having a girl first. I am so happy for the two of you, you will just continue to love this little person SO much!!! Keep us posted with all the fun details!

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