What We’ve Been Up to…

So although I have been lacking greatly in blogging this month, we have been doing stuff…
Like New Year…
We went out to Indian food with our Family here
We have been playing a shamefully huge amount of video games…and I still haven’t passed Zelda, Skyward sword.
We thankfully got some reprieve from all of that when one of our favorite bands, Tiny Home, came into town, and gave us a sweet sweet show. It was so good. I am also planning on getting those videos onto You Tube, we will see what happens.
Sonja and Gabe…
Singing to my heart.
Karen and Me and Karl, having a great time. Zac and Krysta were also there…ALSO people in the kitchen washing dishes super loudly.
The last couple of weekends we have been searching for a new bike for Karl…after months of research…and weeks of driving around…
On our last stop…we found it:
I will let Karl describe his new bike:
It is a Cannondale CAADX from last season. It’s a really cool aluminum frame with a carbon fork and a rock solid wheelset. It normally has Shimano Tiagra shifters and derailleurs, but the shop is going to swap in SRAM Rival everything and customizing the crank and cassette to my specs. They’re also replacing the handlebars with some cooler ones and putting on legit lime green grip tape.
I’m Back…
Last bit of news:
It finally SNOWED!!
Happy Winter!

One thought on “What We’ve Been Up to…

  1. PIPPI!! Seriously I can't believe how much I missed your blogeroo! Remember how awesome Tiny Home is and also I once played a softball game in Needles once. Also remember Karens awesome birthday I cried a little when i saw the post.

    I loves ya!

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