Lucas Lately

With Mirah in school I am doing my best to get back to some good one on one time with Lucas.
We went to the library this week and found some books just for him:
Pretty cool.

Lucas is becoming a star eater. 
He is doing great at eating burgers, sandwiches and tacos. Big bites, with all the toppings, like a grown up. 

He is starting to like to dress up. 
And wear hats. 

We got crowns at burger king the other night. 

He LOVES to sit and do things with Mirah. Like he loves it. He will sit and do almost anything if Mirah is doing it too. He loves her SO much. 
Shoot, can you blame him?

He LOVES to read. I loves bed time. He will sit and read with you for as long as you are willing. 

My boy in boots. He has two pair of boots that he loves to wear and put on himself. He loves to run around the yard, through the mud, and in puddles as often as he is able. 

He is snuggling more these days. 
Some afternoons he will climb into bed with me and watch our new favorite shoe together:
Good Eats. 

A final little update:
I am attempting to do more floor time with Lucas. SO while Mirah is at school, I try to make sure to carve out some time to be on the floor just him and me and play.
This day, we played with some car stickers. 
He seems more settled these days. I think that Mirah going back to school has been really good for him. Love this boy. 

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