Back to School Night

Can you believe it?
My first PTA meeting, at my first Back to school night. 

Woah. That is a pretty big budget.

I was pretty impressed with their organization and attempt at transparency.

After all of that, our Principal came up and explained about the new school houses.

All the houses and their mascots.

It makes me happy to know she is at a school who is invested in organization, and cool organizations.

Then we found out about this…

More information to come. But is sounds like we will have a new school building in a few years.

After the presentation we went to meet with Mrs. Sumsion in her room and see Mirah’s classroom.

We looked at the new classroom math books.

Check out the cool playhouse!

Cubby trays for the kids papers.


Karl is standing on Mirah’s spot on the rug. She is in the light green row.

So exciting! 

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