Celebrating the Fall

So much has been going on. I have been busy and super tired this year, and have been a total slacker about taking pictures, which breaks my heart. I guess I can paint you a picture with words for a couple of things that we did this fall, although pictures are available for some of the awesome things we did!

First thing to mention is that Halloween came and went. We carved Pumpkins with the Provo Bike Collective. We hoped to win a cash prize to go towards the Collective. We did win something:
Krysta’s ET themed pumpkin won Most Artistically Carved, and My Sharro won…a participant certificate.
We failed to win the grand prize, $100 buck, that went to a lady who painted Starry Night onto a pumpkin. Come on. We did both win I-Tunes gift cards (Krysta’s was for more than mine) which we donated to the collective.

I serve as the second counselor in the Primary Presidency, and we had our Program. It was Karen’s first program too. She was amazing. You could hear her voice in the back of the Chapel as she belted out Praise to the the Man. She knew EVERY word, and she was having a ball!

The Primary and the Youth put on the Ward Halloween Party. I had been sick and super busy at work, so I just ran home between and grabbed my Abe Lincoln beard hat, and Abe Lincoln tee shirt. We set up, directed people, I ran the fishing booth for a while, where I gave out some home made play dough. (Made by the amazing Rachel Rice, in the color or Gold fish, on purpose.) We cleaned up. The kids were amazing and adorable, and the best part of the night.

For Halloween proper, both Karl and I had company parties. I was still really sick, so I dug up my angel costume, white cloths, and warm shoes. Karl was a human Pez dispenser. He wore a shirt that said PEZ on it. Out of his neck came a rectangle piece of pez, with blood, all around the edges. He made it himself. That night, we planed on taking a ride, but rather, we came home late from work, and went to bed. I feel myself getting older, which makes me a little sad.

Dia De Los Muertos, two days later. Krysta and Karen came over, we went out to Cafe Rio for dinner. We made home made stamps of sugar skulls again. This year, mine was an Owl. Krysta’s was a raccoon. Karl made shirt that said, “Dia De Los Muertos is my Favorite Rapper.” If you don’t know the reference, that good.

Bonfire Night or Guy Fox day, overlapped with Alicia’s birthday:
To Celebrate, we smashed our Halloween pumpkins in the street, and shot off a bunch of fireworks.
Alicia didn’t have a pumpkin, so she used this partially rotted Honey Due.
The street was really gross, even after we attempted to clean up.

Veteran’s Day

Day before:
They had a speaker come to Heritage, and speak to the kids. A man named “Lucky” Larry Chesley. My dad read us his book when I was still living at home. I was defiantly in high school. This is the second time he has come, but this time there was a noted difference, I actually got to meet him.
This was seriously one of the coolest things that I have ever done.
I mentioned to my boss Ben that my dad read us his book when I was a kid. Ben then, invited me to go to lunch with them.
We went to this place called La Jolla Groves in the River Woods. Some how I was seated right next to the man himself.
It was so cool. He had come to Heritage because he knew our Chaplin as a girl, and was close friends with her family.
When I first me Larry Chesley, he said, “Hi, I’m Lucky.” As though I didn’t know exactly who he was. You may know I am terrible around any level of Celebrity.
But that day I did great. Lucky and Judy were in Provo on a visit, from their 4TH mission. So I guess I should call them Elder and Sister Chesley. Their lives have been filled with tragedy, yet, they are both so positive, so optimistic. Judy is his third wife. His first wife divorced him while he was a POW in Vietnam. His second wife was killed along with their youngest child (a 6 month old baby) when the car they were driving in was hit by a train. Lucky was there on the scene, moments after it happened, the first to respond. He described the scene, and his lost family, in terrifying detail. What was additionally sad, was that he had 7 other children at home.

Judy had known their family for year, she had been frieds with his wife. She was widow and single mother of two, when Lucky came knocking. He knew right away she was going to be his wife. He explained that he knew that whoever he married, would be someone his beloved wife would personally approve of, when he saw Judy, he had his confirmation. It wasn’t so simple for Judy, she laughed as she described that it took some convincing for her to finally give in. It was so fun to watch this couple tell their story. They had been together longer than I have been alive.

It was humbling being with them. They were both such shining examples of Latter Day Saints. I have so many stories from that day, but the thing I remember the most is the feeling that I had when I was with them, happiness, and peace.
Me, Lucky, and Judy.

The week went by, another Saturday.
But with it came one of our favorite fall events:
Where bike lovers and concerned citizens bike around to all the different Grocery stores in the area, buying different things, to donate to the Food Bank.
The group was big this year.
Karl was cute as ever.

One stop, outside of Macey’s. Karen with a Balloon.

Me, waiting with the bikes.
Me and Karl.

A couple of new friends:
Jenna and Noah
Shots of the Group:
Karl going hands free:
You see, it started to get even colder.
Karen and Karl, buying food for the needy.
Realizing we lost a few (We found out later, that we left them at Macey’s) Oops.

The final haul!!!
On one of the work Benches at the Collective.
The group, Celebrating.
That night our friends, Susie and Jordan, had their wedding reception.
These two are hilarious.
They cut their cake with a hatchet.
The Provo Bike Group.
Karl and Allie.
What else…
Harry Potter 7.2 came in the mail on Blue ray. That was great.

This week was rough. We went to work every morning at 4:30 AM. We had to get up by 3:45 in order to be ready on time, and there by 4:30. Karl had to go in to do European support for a week. I was able to clear it with Ben, and came in early too. It’s just easier to be on the same schedule. We were able to visit my grandma though, which was really great, I have missed her.
It’s over, the weekend has been gloriously slow, filled with family phone calls and naps.
This week, getting ready for Thanksgiving, in Portlandia!!!

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  1. Wow! You got to meet Larry Chessly! I can't believe it. I am so glad to hear that he is no longer so unlucky, and that his life has become happy and peaceful. it is hard to believe that so many bad things can happen to one man. What a fantastic experience!

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