1 Year Without a Thyroid

I think that I knew it had been about a year, when I realized that my friend Alicia’s birthday was coming up. I was in recovery during her birthday last year, and miss it. Also, I missed my work’s annual Boutique last year too. Which I ended up attending yesterday, and today. But what really drove it home was something else that happened today.
I got an email notification around 12:30. Someone had commented on my blog. I love when people comment on my blog. It’s cool to think that people read it. I know, it’s self involved narcissistic attitude, but still it’s cool to see people are reading.
What made this even cooler was that it was from an anonymous writer, and it was from a post I wrote on November 8, 2010. About my thyroid surgery.
See the post:
The comment was:
“Anonymous said…
I did not see any swelling on your neck before the surgery and no adam’s apple as well :)”
“Who wrote this,” I wondered to myself. Then it made me want to see the post. Then it forced me to remember, what day did I get my Thyriodectamy? I check google calendar. It was November 4th. Then it hit me, and said it out loud to my coworker Kyle, “I had my thyroid removed a year ago today.”
“Wow,” was his simple reply. His wife is also living life with out a thyroid, and he and I talk about the consequences of such an existence. The quick realization made me think over all that has happened in the past year. It’s been great. Way better than the year that lead up to the surgery.
Stupidly, one of my primary concerns before getting the surgery was what my scar would look like. Here is a shot of it the day the bandeges cam off:
and one I took just a few minutes ago:
Not too shabby. I often don’t even notice it anymore.
As far as the rest, getting my meds under control has been easy. I have had a great set of doctors and have become a bit of an expert myself.
So a year later, I am glad I did it. No more need to look back.

3 thoughts on “1 Year Without a Thyroid

  1. Your neck has healed beautifully. My only cool surgery scar is from my c-section and there is like a 0% chance of me taking a picture of that and posting it on the internets. Mostly due to the mess surrounding it (Aka my belly. Aka the fleshy zebra striped partially deflated balloon that hangs off my mid-section.)

  2. Your scar really isn't even noticeable unless you know what to look for. What a difference a year makes. I have very fond memories of my week with you. It was really fun. 🙂 Thank you modern medicine.

  3. Oooohhhh! I love that you got that shirt! I almost got it, but decided against it at the last minute, and now I totally regret it… You just can't beat a Art Nouveau Labyrinth shirt. Love you!

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