Now that it is officially November, I am gearing up for the long winter, and the inevitable extra dark nights and hours upon end spent inside the apartment. So, when I saw the following video last week, life seemed brighter:

My Nerd will be showing.

Yes, if you didn’t know I love Zelda.
I have passed everyone since Ocarina of Time.

When I was grounded for 6 months my sophomore year of high school for getting a D in French, it was my only friend. We got it for Christmas, and I played it often. After the disappointment that was Majora’s Mask, I wasn’t too hopeful about Twilight Princess, then it totally delivered!

I have been wondering if there would be a new Zelda soon, but it wasn’t until Karl showed me this video last week, that I new the glory that was about it be mine.
It is per-ordered, and it will come with a golden Wii Mote. I am stoked!

It couldn’t have come at a better moment for me!

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