Pumpkin Time, Jakers 2011

So it is finally Ocober, and it is time to get pumpkins. Where do we go to get pumpkins?
Jaker’s pumpkin patch of course!
This will be year FOUR.
A quick highlight reel:
Year one:
Karen was one, and the pumpkin we got that year was a big as she was.
Year Two:
Brandon and Leah actually introduced us to Jaker’s, and brought us out the first time. We headed out together again.
Year three:
We biked out to Springville, had that crazy adventure with no breakfast.
Year four!
Was Monday, and we went straight from work.
I was still in my work cloths.
Karen was really excited.
We usually get HUGE pumpkins, but this year we got a bunch of smaller pumpkins, rather that a couple big pumpkins.
Krysta and her score!
They have had this corn pit the last couple of years, but Karen was really excited about it this time:
Corn angel!
We ended up buying $18 worth of pumpkins…I got a little excited. Our door step looks AWESOME!

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