Conference Weekend

I love General Conference.
If you are a follower of our blog you know that we celebrate general conference in the fall with
We started it off with some delicious cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon style from Costco. We only bought 6, we were all totally stuffed, Zac had the extra one.
Then conference began.
President Monsen arrived late, escorted by a body guard. Weird right? The times they are a changing.
When president Monson did arrive, he announced 6 new temples!
One in Paris, and one in our very own town!
It will be in the place where our very own tabernacle used to stand.
It hasn’t even been a year since this:
It used to look like this inside. I attended firesides and Stake conferences. It was so sad when the old girl burnt down.
So above is before,
This is after:
I guess the plan is to restore it closer to it’s orignal design.
Artist redering.
I used to work in the Provo temple, and have attended many times 🙂 It is the busiest temple in the church, and so town really could use another temple. I am pretty sure we will be in the temple district, as we are only 3 blocks away!
Conference was, as always, totally uplifting.
As was lunch, Suflaces!
Karl tired roasting the meet, like they do at real suflace places. It turned out great!
Never too much slace kosi.
I was so content, I forgot to take any more pictures during the rest of conference. I must document the rest of the meals. Dinner was a delicious Salad. Krysta, Karen and I went to the park and got pedicures while the boys went to priesthood.
For breakfast Krysta made Monkey Bread. Conference, then Lunch: Homemade chicken noodle soup, extra home made noodles, in bread bowls. Conference, then Roast mashed potatoes and salad, with carrots. OOOHHHH, I love conference.
We vidoe chatted with Brandon during lunch, then between conference ending and dinner:
Chatting with Nephews and everyone!
I talked to my mom, and the day ended.
Until April.

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