Coming Home

We loved every bit of NYC, but we love being home even more.

Last week flew by.

It was rough coming back to work.

When Friday rolled around we were totally spent. It was August 26th however.

That’s right, 5 years baby!

This week we discovered something called a Boba smoothie.

We had one to share before dinner.


We found this place during the week when we met for lunch. We thought they might have Dim Sum there. They didn’t but they had something that was quite good too:


It is a creamy smoothy with huge tapioca balls in the bottom.

Chelsea said that she has had it in Hawaii.

Then for dinner we went out to Texas Road House:


Steak, Steak, and Steak.

We slept in that morning, for the first time…ever.

We got up early and went the Farmers Market.

We bought nectarines, and pears, and lunch:




We biked to the Mall after that.

We shopped the sales at the Gap, then went and saw Planet of the Apes. We gave it an A.

Great acting, great visual effects, great movie.

We biked home, rather carefully at this point. We were weighed down with fruit, and new cloths.

We got home just in time to meet the Whitmores and go to Provello.

It was fun. We biked from the beginning of the Provo Parkway trail to Lion’s park.

It was basically a bicycle sit in.



As it got dark we road home.

We ran over to Green Panda for another Boba Shake and dinner.

We watched Avatar, finished the series in fact.

Then went to bed.

Good day.

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