New Furniture

So the picture below is a chair that Karl and I bought in Rexburg at the DI when we were first married.

Funny story.

We were at home and a friend of ours came over. John and Kristy Rider, and their daughter, Riley Rose Rider. She was so cute. ANYWAY. They said, we were just at the DI and saw a chair that we thought you would like. She described it. At the time we were buy up all the orange furniture we could get. We rushed down to the store.

Miraculously, it was still there.

We stuffed it into the back of our tiny car, it came with us when we moved her 3 years ago.

The top was destroyed one day in a mishap of orange soda and my over vigorous scrubbing.

It sat for the past couple of years with a red and blue robot blanket on top of it.

Now this week, we actually gave it away.

To a good home I think:

To Graham:


Why would we give it away, after so many years of loyal service?

We got a new chair.

With a pretty good story too.

It was a claim from a dumpster dive.

Why would someone throw away such a nice chair?

Well, it lived through a Jewelry store fire on University ave and 500 north. It smelled like fire, so they through it out.

Krysta and Alicia found it.

Krysta wanted it, so she kept it on her balcony all summer, getting the stink out.

Then for some reason, she gave up on it, once it was finally safe to bring inside!


Now it sits in our living room.

Te Dua Motra!

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