Day Ten, Fare Thee Well NYC

I of course couldn’t sleep.

I wish I could come back here anytime I wanted. Just for a few days, you know?

So we wouldn’t feel so rushed and desperate. Desperate to see everything.

As fare as every living, living here? Probably not.

We stopped at a Papaya dog shop for breakfast.


Breakfast and a show.


We were both so tired.


The Hell’s Kitchen Market was open again.

We stopped by to check it out on our way back to the hotel.


We grabbed out luggage, and were back on the subway.


The train ride was a long one, almost an hour.

When we first got on, there wasn’t really anyone on the train. We reminisced about our trip.


Check out all my new rings.

Karl liked the lion the best.


The train jolted at just the right moment.



We were at the air port a few hours early.

Early enough to both take a nap. Wake up, just in time to realize that we were waiting at the wrong terminal. To Run across the airport, and get on a plain.

We watched The Proposal and held hands.

The captian announced that we were beginning our decent. I looked out the window and what did I see?


You can see the Y and everything!


It felt really good to be home.

Then we had some wonderful friends waiting for us when we got there.


Karen insisted that she help with our bags. AS did her father and mother.

The ride home was somehow one of the best parts of the whole trip.

Sharing a great experience with the one’s you love.

Everything was just spilling out of us.

Home sweet home.

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