Birthday Week

In preparation for Karl’s birthday we had a week of Fun and games to get us all ready for his big day. Most of the things were just a little something special, that we wouldn’t normally do.
Tuesday the 26th
We went out to Subway and had their delicious new Pulled Pork Sub, he had really been wanting to try.
Wednesday the 27th
We went to the Village Inn and had Free Pie Wednesday
Thursday the 28th
We went and saw Captain America, on a week night.
Friday the 29th
I forgot, and went to a big lunch with my coworkers, so we just hung out at home.
Saturday the 30th we went
and saw Cowboys Vs Aliens at 10:00 AM
and went to Smash brothers for lunch,
an had a little shopping spree at night.
Sunday the 31st
we rested from out labors.
and had a little BBQ with Krysta and Zac.
Monday August 1st:
Krysta, Zac and Karen were going to be out of town on on Karl’s actual birthday (One of Krysta’s Uncles passed away unexpectedly)
So we had our little family celebration before they left. During bruthday week, Karl’s wish was that he didn’t have to decide anything. But, on his birhtday, we made him choose what we could do. The evening started with dinner. We hadn’t had Indian food in a while, so we headed over to one of Provo’s best restaurants, Bombay House.
(Karen just had to be in EVERY picture that night. I don’t know why.)
As a part of the night, we of course road bikes everywhere we went. I even broke out the Pashley in celebration.
There he is:
The birthday boy.
We sat in front of a mural of a peacock, that Karen kept calling a Peagle. I think that is a combination of a Peacock and an eagle, which she also called it several times. It just sounded like beagle.
The murals that cover the walls in the restaurant are one of my favorite parts about the place.
One with Karen.
We headed up on the same trail we took to Taste of Utah Valley. It was great!
After our ride, we headed over for “birthday cake” (not cake, but cinnamon twists) as per the birthday boys request.
Oh yum!
Karl also got a birthday pizza in his birthday numbers for free:
We also got a cookie monster, for good measure.
We couldn’t eat it all, we were only 5 adults (Graham joined us when we got to Pizza Factory) and on small Karen.
We biked home, and wanted to die, just a little.
Good times.

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