Mother’s Day Weekend 2021

Mother’s day weekends was a bit of a let down. Poor Karen got COVID! SO we had to cancel our plans to go to Dinosaur National Monument- AGAIN. So our plans went from travel, to work. Lucas came home from school on THURSDAY with these things: 

A science fair project become mother’s day gift. He was devastated when I saw them that day. He was so so sad that I saw it too early. He really wanted it to be a surprise. He said that he might as well give me everything early. On his “all about mom” sheet he said that I am good at “viteeoe games” and that I like to “rest” It really teaches me a lot about myself. So I am determined to be more of an outside mom this summer.

On Saturday morning, we participated in our ward clean up, but cleaning up our own yard. We stayed outside, if anyone needed anything we were out ready to help. No one ever came.

Karl mowed, I cleaned the yard, picked up the dog poop (which there was a TON), edged, and basically worked his butt off that morning. I got mulch out, weeded and cleaned out the flower beds, used the leaf blower to clear off the sidewalk.

After we were all done with the that we headed over to Costco. It was absolutely MAD, but we left with a cart full of groceries, tomatoes, and a new sound system.

Karl spent hours getting it all set up. He did an awesome job.


I spent the day catching up on blogs. At dinner time Karl made us all our dream dinner.


He bought a tomahawk steak, and cooked it to perfection. With a delicious cucumber salad and mac n cheese.


The next morining, I woke up, and I hand’t gained any weight 🙂 Karl brought me a delicious breakfast in bed. Strawberries and cream, sautéed mushrooms, hamsteak, and an omelette with a parmesan crust, and hatch chili interior.

He brought a vase of beautiful flowers with him. Loved them.


In came the kids during my breakfast, in matching coordinating outfits. What a couple of cuties!!!


In the first box, there were serval different things:

A heart not from each of them. With left over easter candies taped on, one from each of them. The first from Lucas:


The second from Mirah:


At the bottom of the box there were flowers and money. They had each given me some go their own little hoard of money. Mirah gave me a dollar and a quarter. Lucas gave me a 5 dollar bill and a quarter. AHHHH I of course gave the money back to them after nearly crying. So sweet. I had been getting after them about not picking flowers from over the fence, and now I know why they were doing it. babies.


The second box:


A painting from Lucas, and a book from Mirah.


Well, she got the boobs right. And the chubbiness.


 I love it so much.

We went to church in the actual church building for the first time since March 2020. It was nice, and it was nice to be with my kids. Lucas in his cute church outfit, and Mirah in her baptism dress.  Lucas, already had grass stains on hid knees.


After church we had lunch, and did a Kiwi Co.


At 4:00 the family arrived. Mom and Dad had brought Carne Asada home with them from El Centro, and they were SO generous to share it with us for our first gathering like this since the lockdown in March 2020.


It was really great to all be together again.


Dad was happy to see Krystin, and wanted to sit next to her at the table.


After dinner the kids played, the grown up chatted, and then we did a little celebration for Ash, who would be turning 3 the next day. We decorated #3 cookies with him.


This little cutie, getting so big!


Happy Mother’s day!

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