Mom and Lucas Week: All the Museums

Lucas was out of school for the week, kindergarten was doing their end of the year testing. So it meant that we were going to be hanging out all day that week, just the two of us. (Here we are on Monday checking out the new Orem rec center. I think Lucas has a future in climbing y’all.

You see, this was going to be the last time that it would just be the two of us like this. Ever since Mirah started school three years ago, (Except for the dark pandemic days and of course summer time) Lucas and I have had hours just the two of us every day. I, of course am very emotional about this for MANY reasons. First of all, because my baby is going to officially going to be in school full time in the fall. Second, it’s the end of an era. My days with young children at home are almost over. Third, it means I have to actually start getting my own life together and that is-terrifying.

So to avoid all of those scary realities, I am focusing on doing fun stuff with my boy. But also really and truly, because I love to play with this kid. He is so much fun. He loves to learn, observe, and explore.

So he and I talked through what we were calling, “our last week just the two of us” and we decided that we wanted to go to Thanksgiving point every day that week. We were going to every stop at Thanksgiving point, one each day.

Monday was the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

We had fun there. We haven’t been for over a year, and it was cool to see some of the same old stuff, but even cooler to see some of the updated exhibits.

This image above is Lucas trying to figure out how to program this little robot to do this maze. Cutie.

Tuesday was the Museum of Ancient Life. Lucas LOVES this place. We usually just call it “The Dinosaur Museum.” We had a ball running through the place checking out all the bones, and looking for gnomes.

One of Lucac’s favorite stops is always the water room. There were very few children that morning, so it was a blast to have the run of the whole place.

My MAIN focus to this museum is ALWAYS gnome hunting. We had a blast searching through painting, exhibits, and everywhere! Here are some that we found. I only found THREE.

Lucas found a little silly computer game that he loved to play that was like Temple Run but with a little t-rex.

Oh the big old shark! I want there to be a gnome in his mouth sometime!

No other kids in the sand room today. With no one to fight over the tools with, Lucas was board quickly. 😛

We found out that no one had found all of the Gnomes in this new set yet. So we were determined to come back again soon and do some hunting. Picture with the gnome hunter!

When we got home that afternoon, Lucas drew me this:

On Wednesday, we were headed over to Thanksgiving point by way of our cousin’s house in Murry. We stopped by the “Danger Club” to see what those kids were up to.

When we first got there, it was only Grandma and Ashy, so Lucas got busy checking out all of the new toys. Turns out he is too big for their cosy coop!

Inside, Lucas checked out the cool toy that Grandpa Pippy got Ashy for his birthday.

Sweet Ashy was excited to show us everything he had. Especially his cool shades.

We couldn’t figure out what this one was, then grandma figured it out.

Yup, it holds multiple light sabers.

Very soon Reese was home from school. He was excited to tell me all about what he wanted for his birthday, and show me his Resse poster that he made for school. It was SO hilarious and good and perfect. So Reese loves the color black, and skulls. So he made a poster with skulls and all of the important people in his life.

He hates carrots so he found the most disgusting picture of them that he could for his poster. He found a picture of a D&D

These cutie babies. They love each other so much.

It was time to say goodbye. We headed over to the Farm Country.

Hello Cow.

First stop, the pony rides. Since Lucas was the tallest kid out there, he got the tallest pony!

My cutie. There were tons on babies out there that day. Look at that tiny baby goat!

We took our time checking out the animals.

He was actually getting too nervous to feed them. We had a little bag of food from the front desk, and it was fun to feed these little guys.

We took a ride on the horse ride, with our old neighbor Val!

One more little ride…

And we were off for home again.

Thursday was is the Butterfly Enclosure. Lucas was a little worried. In theory he likes to go, but he doesn’t like the unpredictability of the butterflies.

He loves to look at the spiders through glass. He checked out all of the different exhibits, and of course made himself a little finger puppet of a butterfly.

It was time for the main event.

Baby in a bottle. One more photo op before we leave

Oh my goodness I love this boy.

When Friday morning dawned, Lucas didn’t want to go to the Gardens. He wanted to do something else. We had just been out there a week ago, and he always get tired on the walk. SO we made a deal. I needed to get the Rav4 registered so we would run some errands first. Due to some battery troubles, it turned out I needed to drive the car 50 miles before it could pass emissions, so Lucas and I went on an adventure drive this morning instead of to The Gardens.

We decided to take our drive up to Heber, and grab some lunch at our favorite place while we went. When we passed the Sinclair station, Lucas freaked out when he saw dinosaur Princess Leah, so we had to stop and take a picture.

We drove up to the Jordanelle Overlook:

Took at little break, then headed back down the hill to Heber, where we had Dairy Keen for lunch and then home for a video games and snuggles. Oh man I love this boy. Be loves to watch me play video games. Right now we are playing through Zelda A Link to the Past.

That afternoon the Whitmore’s came over, and I convinced them to go with us BACK to the Museum of Ancietn Life to Find some more gnomes! We found

We found 10/13 of the gnomes. AHHHHHHHH

We had flash lights and head lamps and a laser pointer and a whole group of us, and we didn’t find them all.

With all of us looking, including Karl, we only found 10. Someday we will go back.

Here we are for now:

An so end a momentous week, just like it should, surrounded by the people who love you.

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