Splashing With Pipkins

Despite the torrential we made our way our to Sandy to meet up with Kelly and the boys at a radical splash pad!
We hesitated to get out because it was still raining, but the kids were in their suits and ready to go. So like good mothers, we let them go!

The place was so cool!

Sloan, little cutie in the water.
He looked so much like Cameron. 

Mirah Was quite happy. 

Oh my goodness these kids! 

Mirah is such a booger. She loves to dump water onto everyone else. 
Lucas was BUMMED. 

The kids got a little cold. 
But no worries mom was there to get them all warm. 

Then there is Lucas who just expects me to pick him up while he is soaking wet, and then there is me who just does it, because even soaking wet cuddles are the best. 
All warmed up they were back int he water. 

Getting cold again.
But still wanting to get into the water. 
While everyone got warm and dry Lucas was still go go going. 

Well everyone wanted to keep this party going, so we got the kids dressed and went to Chic-fil-a. 
I bought some cookies and the kids enjoyed them. 
Especially Reese. 
It was great, but the kids found a punch of glitter glue pens in the play area and that was the end of that. Looking forward to more play time together. 

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