Dev is Back in Town

It has been so great to have Devanie in town and we had been meeting up to play and have fun bunches since she and her wonderful family arrived. 

One such excursion was when we went to the Dinosaur Museum at BYU. It was exciting so see the students block out and dig out bones.

Dev and the kids were already there, and the kids were excited to be together.

Later we went to the Bean Museum too, then back to Inn and Out for lunch. So much fun! 

Another such outing was when we went back to the new splash pad at FootHill park.
The girls were excited to make more fairy potions. 

But not until they got their sun screen.

These boys. 

Lucas got cold and just wanted to snuggle in his chair.

After this we went and checked out their new home!
So excited they will be here! 

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