Mirah’s 9th Birthday!!! First Half of the Day

Good Morning Mirah! Yes, my lady is 9 years old today. Meaning, we have been rocking it since 2012 together and I love her more and more every day.

I love you so much lady.

Keeping Hite traditions going! Happy Birthday song!!

It was a school day, so we had to take time to get ready. Luckily Auntie Malia was in the house, and she was able to give Mirah a rocking birthday braid!

Breakfast was by request, birthday personalized pancakes. Sometimes when you are trying to make a “K” for Karl, other things accidentally happen. Oops. 🙁 They had fruit and whipped cream too, with bacon and

I need to take this moment to recognize my amazing partner, Karl. This guy, he just took being the best Dad on the planet to another level. Not only did he hang a chandelier over the weekend, he also built 15 mini rockets! This is something that I would not have been able/ confident enough to have done. This guy is the one who is making Mirah’s Unicorn Rocket Birthday party dreams come true.

As birthday tradition dictates, we open one gift first thing in the morning from the present pile:

As she dreamed, she got a necklace with her name on it. It was of course Covered in the picture above, but you can see it on her in the picture below.

I offered to drive Mirah, but she wanted to bike to school with her friends. So off she went, with a big smile on her face.

We spent the day getting everything ready for the party and running errands. We face timed with Maryn, who is always excited to celebrate Mirah with us.

After HOURS (No DAYS) of preparation, it was almost time for the party to begin!

The house was clean, and we had balloons out to indicate the party was here!

We had decorations out in all the areas of the house downstairs. I am actually pretty proud of all of this. All the gift bags were prepacked by the front door. All the rocket ship push pops were decorated with Unicorns and ready to be used. There were flowers and balloons and table cloths. I thing I did a pretty good job. We even had #9 decorated sugar cookies in each bag.

Now as much as I did, Malia did a full days work, AND made an amazing rocket ship unicorn birthday cake!

About an hour before the girls arrived, Karen came, and we learned all about the nuances of making slime in bulk.

Malia and Karen, the biggest bestest helpers there ever were.

Mom and Dad arrived for the party, and they made a stop on their way…to pick up Mom’s new bike!!! It’s an Electra townie, and it’s beautiful! Mom is so happy.

Mirah arrived home from school. She had had a great day of school. She brought brownies for all of her classmates, and it had been a hit. She got to bring a special lunch to school, of a delicious Lunchable. She loved her ride, and had a great day.

Well, we were ready…time to party!

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