Mirah Turns 9! Birthday Party & Dinner

All at once, all the girls had arrived at the party!

First step for our party guests, pick your rocket! There were a couple of different types. There were those with parachutes, and those with streamers.

Second, go out back, and Karl would customize your rocket with cool colors.

All the girls got a chance to pick colors, and Karl spray painted them all to their specifications.

Here are the girls waiting to get their rockets painted!

Mirah, wearing a mask, for some reason.

This took longer than we might have thought.

Everyone wanted something a little different than the last person.

While we waited for the last few people to arrive and get their rockets started, the girls found lots of ways to keep busy out in the back yard.

The next activity was lead by lady Karen! The girls all made their very own fluffy slime.

It took a while. And there was little bit of a mess. They all chose their own colors, and scents. And there was even glitter to add to the mix.

Most of the girls made their slime smell like lavender or spearmint. Mirah made hers smell like citrus, and Mimi made hers smell like peppermint.

Lots of chatter and mixing, and Karen trying to tell them things while they didn’t listen.



Time to decorate ROCKETS!!

Every girl with her very own personalized rocket.

While we finished rocket prep, the girls had snacks and played around.

Off to the park we went! Grandma and Grandpa Pippy slowly following

It was time to launch! Counting down to launch:

It was really windy, but also really fun.

Mirah’s rocket launch:

Most everyone had a successful launch and landing. FOUR, did not. Macie and Phoenix lost theirs in the orchard. Elsie and Tess lost theirs in the trees.

Oh dear.

We walked back to the house…

Sang happy birthday!

Time for presents. All of Mirah’s friends were so kind and generous. She got lots of art supplies, and toys, and happiness.

Time for cake…it lived it’s life, and we ate it. YUM!

After the party, we went out with Grandma and Grandpa for dinner at Pho Plus!!

And after dinner, when the old people went to bed, we FINALLY took Lucas’s rocket out to the park, and shot it off…5 times!!!

It got stuck on it’s 5th launch, in the TIPPY TOP of a huge pine tree. RIP in the tree rocket.

At bed time, we did our birthday measurements. These kids are getting so big!!!

Happy Birthday Mirah my love. You make 9 look so good!!

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