The Eclipse

The sun was coming up in the sky. 

We found ourselves in the middle of the park on the field. 

As good a place as any to watch the big event. 

Once we were set up, we decided to practice with our glasses. 
What a cutie. 

The first and LAST time Lucas willingly put on his glasses on. He didn’t really understand what we were doing here. 

Mom, these glasses are broken. 

Then off they went. 
I sat covered in a blanket and my hat, trying to hide from the sun. 

We had so many snacks, and drinks and treats. That didn’t stop Lucas from trying to get cookies from the family next to us. 
They were close, so we relaxed and kept an eye on him. 

Getting ready, talking all about it.

I needed get out of the sun for a minute, and Mirah came with me. 
She asked if it was almost time, I think she was getting impatient. We all were! 

The time had come, and the first little nibble had been taken out of the sun. 
We were so excited! 

Well I was excited, and so was Karl.

Mirah was excited, but she didn’t really get it. 
The process of the sun disappearing behind the moon was a slow one.  
But fun. It was more fun to take little breaks. Leave for a few minutes, then come back and see the progress that had been made. 

I tried taking a picture through my glasses. 
And so the next hour went. We would run around, take a break and watch, then run around some more. 

Taking pictures of it was impossible with our cameras. 

Even so, I was loving it. 
A fun reaction video. 

Another attempt through my glasses, I got the crescent sun. 🙂

And it was time to find the crescent sun shadows! 

The sun was getting smaller and smaller. And we were getting more and more excited. 
 Lucas was still not into it. 
More reactions. 

I took a few panos here you can see the shadow of the moon growing, and half of the sky was getting darker and darker. 
It was getting darker. 

And then suddenly it was shadow band time! 

We didn’t pick up the shadow bands on our camera, but we saw them. It looked like the canopy was somehow rippling in the wind. But as you can see, no ripples. It was incredible. 
Karl got a longer better video. 

The picture I got:
But it wasn’t good enough. 
So I found this one online. it was kind of how it looked for me. About that size, with a BRIGHT yellow white ring of light. You could see the light bursting and moving, and it was just amazing. I was exhilarated and  happy and excited. 
Our 360 degree view of our 360 degree sunset. 

Karl and the eclipse. 
Here is an awesome shot taken of event in Idaho by other people with better cameras. 

Stars came out! 
The phases of the eclipse. 

As soon as it was over, we got into the car and left. And there we spent the next 6 and a half hours. In the car, mostly in traffic. 

We heard all kinds of promises about no big trucks allowed on the freeway, no road work, and they were going to open both sides of the freeway for southbound traffic. 
All Lies. 
The day in the car went okay. 
And sometimes there was suddenly no traffic. 
Then we got into Utah, and it was traffic all over the place until we got home.
Ahhhhhh, to be home. We gave the kids a bath, and all of us were in bed by 8.
Best day ever. SO glad we went. 

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