The Morning of the Eclipse

We were out of the house by 2:30. AM.
The traffic wasn’t bad at all. We got to Rexburg by about 4:45 AM.
Here we are parked at a new McDonald’s right off Highway 20, and the first exit to Rexburg. 
There was a line out the door, and the parking lot was super full.
We weren’t planning on being in Rexburg for the day, but this totally set it we were going to be out in Menan, a small city outside of Rexburg. It was still in the middle of totality with a 2 minute 17 second total eclipse time.

We found a city park by 5:00 AM. 

Mirah and I pulled out the Zero Gravity chairs and our sleeping bags. 
Lucas and Karl snuggled up in the hammock. 
It was cold, but my sleeping back was nice and warm!

The boys were still nice and comfy as it got light. 

We were all so tired, none of us had any problem falling asleep.
Around 8:00 AM other people at the park started getting up, and people started to use the tennis court and that was it. With every, “pop” “pop” of the tennis ball we were all more and more awake. 
Lucas had a nice sleep with his dad. 

I was so warm, and the morning air was so cool, I just couldn’t get out of my sleeping bag. 

Even though we got some sleep into car and park, we were still all a little sleep deprived and emo.
Lucas was HANGERY. 
His mood improved when he got some breakfast. 
Mirah got dressed in the car. She picked this special outfit just for the special day. 

We had a bunch of food. with us. So we made breakfast ham and salami sandwiches. With bananas and apples. 

Oh, and gold fish of course for Lucas. 
Sigh. Once that was over, we got ready to get set up in the park. 

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