Bike Camping

First things first:
I got a sweet hair cut.
Krysta, Karen, Me, Jordan and Susie met up at Rowley Press around 4 to get started
This is Leland and Karen, Leland owns the press. He and Zac are friends and he is also and avid cyclist and really nice guy.
We got going and before you knew it (it was just over an hour) we were at Canyon Glen Park.
I pulled out my snacks (some peanuts and water) and promptly spilled them all over the ground. No problem for Jordan though…waist not want not I guess. : )
Susie and Jordon.
This guy. He ran past us a couple of times. The only thing he had to say, his speech a little slurred was, “I’m a fast runner.” Oh man with Pink Floyd album tattooed on your chest, high in a public park with no shirt and no shoes, where are you running to?
After a short bathroom break we were off again. I just want to take this moment to say how absolutely hard core my friend Krysta is. I mean, this ride was ROUGH for me, with my limited gear but Krysta had 2x’s the gear I had AND little miss Karen on her back.
Another few miles up and we were at Vivian park. All the easy stuff was over and I was really dreading the net part.
Our trip to this point.
We were all kind of dragging our feet at this point. The grade had been a steady up to this point but we were about to get an almost constant 3% grade and I was really worried.
Karen. Lookin’ cute
Our bikes all loaded up.
One last look before we go…
And we were off. I didn’t take many pictures on this leg because lets face it, I was either peddling with my face down, breathing hard, or walking next to my bike, with my face down, breathing heavy. This is one I caught near the end of the ride:
Here’s another, really a beautiful place. Although it was tough, eventually, I would do it again.
By 8:30 we made it to the park where we would camp. Karen and I played on the grass while we waited for the other group to arrive.
The boys and Emma arrived after 9:30.
We got all set up and gathered around the fire for dinner.
Jordon made some popcorn over the fire.
Karl and I played with Karen, whose main agenda was to get all the best food from everyone who was there. At one point she asked Susie if she could hold her apple, then when Susie.s back was turned, she ate it.
Karen finally hit the jack pot when Jordan pull the corn from the fire.
Susie and Karen, with an apple… : )
I can never sleep when I camp. Here is Karl, pretending to, early in the morning.
I was up by 5.
Bikes in at sunrise.
Here’s Emma.
It took Karl a little longer to get up.
Leland and a few others showed up in the middle of the night, and joined us for breakfast.
The sun began to peak over the mountain and we had to go. Krysta and I were doing a yard sale at home at 8:30.
The Whitmore’s, doing what they love.
Karl’s bike all loaded up and ready to go.
It took nearly 2 hours to get from Vivian Park to the campsite the night before. We were flying our our way down going over 30mph. We were at Vivian Park in 15 min flat.
(for mom, this was the table we were sitting at last summer when we saw the moose! xoxo mom!)
We made a quick stop at Bridal Veil.
We were home and set up just in time!
We sold most of our stuff and made about a hundred bucks. This is Marilynn. She bought about 85% of it. She bought this shirt that was hard to part with. It is one my mom gave me…

3 thoughts on “Bike Camping

  1. This was soo much fun. Next time our goal will be to not get off the bikes at all!!! I bet you could do it now with all your biking!!! I heart you so much!

  2. First, I love your hair cut! It looks so pretty! Next, I got all nostalgic and homesick looking at the pictures of the canyon. I love it so much!!!!!!! You guys are amazing: riding up that hill!!!! I never would have made it! I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. First, I like your new blog format. Second, congratulations on making your goal. Next, It looks like you had the best birthday in the world. It blows my mind to see how many activities you guys manage to squeeze into one day. And another great biking adventure. You're an example for us all. Don't ever change. Also, I love the pictures of Karen. Has she graduated from her little cart to the back of her mom's bicycle?

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