Our Trip to SLC

As a reward to ourselves for staying so focused the past couple of weeks was decided to spend a couple of days in Salt Lake City. We left after work on Friday and stayed up there in a Hotel. We swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub and generally had a great on a little mini vacation from real life. Karl’s dad once told me that when they travel they try to only eat at places they don’t have at home; we did the same.
We went to this great Greek place off of 1300 east called Aristo’s.
A friend from work had recommended it and I am SO glad that she did because it was amazing!
The atmosphere was great:
This mural made me laugh…especially the modern Olympians.
Other things that made me laugh were some of the other hipster guests there that night:
This guy was awesome. He stumbled out totally wasted at the end of the night and made for some laughs during the meal. Between his glasses, mullet, and bizarre behavior, we all had a good time.
Here is Karl pretending to be confused by the silver wear, but he knows better, we went to an etiquette dinner when we were first married. Plus, there really weren’t that many forks set out, some of those are mine… 🙂
Then the food came, and I was taken back to eastern Europe, where I served my mission. Karl’s gyro was lamb and totally authentic.
Even the style of fry that was served with it!
These things were NOTHING compared to what I got:
Stuffed bell pepper, zucchini, and tomato.
It was heaven.
I finished the ENTIRE plate.
We could have gone home happy after a meal like that, but we made the best of our time in the Salt Lake Valley.
We checked out of our hotel early the next morning and headed out to the Hogle Zoo in the hills of Salt Lake City.
Right as we walked in check out what greeted us:
As sweet owl! It was huge and scary!
Then there was this golden eagle. It looks like it might eat Karl’s face. We wondered around and saw so many amazing animals. One of my favorite ones is Baby Zuri, the baby Elephant:
This is Zuri and her mom, Kristy. Zuri was born last year, and her mom is about my age, born in 1986. They have another elephant there that is 50! Crazy!
I mean awwe! She was so little and cute!
I know they were just trying to sucker me with adorable little elephant toys, but man they were so cute!
Right next to the Elephants were Rhinos, also super cool!
After all that cuteness, I thought we had reached the peak of what the zoo could offer. Was I ever wrong!
We went to the bird show, and if you do one thing at the Hogle Zoo this should be it!
P1010731There were hawks and eagles and owls diving right over our heads and talking birds…it was so much fun! You may not think that a bird diving right over your head seems like a very exciting time, but seriously it totally is!
Then there were the monkeys. There were TONS of them!
Then the Giraffe area was really cool too. You get so close to them!
Mom, these could be your little guys some day!
We even found a bike!
We even found a sloth for Karl!
They even had a gorilla! There were these cool things that give you an idea of the size of the great animals.
Final Note on the Zoo: If you have never gone to the Hogle zoo before, GO! It is totally in expensive and really great!
Next we visited “This is the Place” monument. I first heard about this spot when I was listening to the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books on tape. Ever since then I have wanted to come and see it.
We walked around and read all the plaques. It was a very awe inspiring monument.
Is this the exact view that Brother Brigham saw when he first entered the valley? Something like it perhaps.
I remember my dad reading us the biography of Brigham Young as kids. That moment, when Brigham was ill with mountain fever, and said, “This is the right place.” How must he have felt?So many moves before, Joseph dead. He must have seen it in vision. Yes, it was the place.
After this monument, my camera died. They day was scarcely half over however and there were many more things to see. There are always free exhibits in the SLC Library. We checked out the one on the 4th floor. Then we climbed up to the top of the building and looked over that part of the city.
Next headed over to temple square. We heard from a friend and read in the paper that there was a new model of the Salt Lake Temple that showed cross sections of the inside of the temple. It was seriously cool. I once saw old pictures of the upstairs assembly room, and other rooms. I have even been inside. It showed all the ordinance rooms, and sealing rooms.
Next we had lunch at the Beehive Pantry. After lunch we went to the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theatre in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was a wonderful experience. We saw it together when we were first dating, and was worth the second viewing. The film is well done and thought provoking. It only increased my love for Joseph, and sympathy for poor Emma. After visiting the monument earlier that day, I could see the need the Saints had to come SO far west. To find a place where no one had lived before, and where no one could kick them out.
It was about 7 at that point. We drove back to Provo, PF Changed it for dinner (tons of low carb/no carb options-plus they serve brown rice!) We shopped in the mall till it closed then came home, unpacked, passed out.
I think we got out our wiggled, pent up from weeks of inactivity.

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  1. How fun! Looks like a blast! My favorite part was that you're finally having some sympathy for poor Emma! Remember the fights we used to get into over that one? Well- we were allowed too, right carrot toes?! xox Seriously though- I'm glad you guys had such a fun weekend – what a great idea!

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