Another Mile Marker!

You may or may not remember Karl has been working on his Actuarial Exams. Since graduation Karl has focused on little else. His first exam, P1 was terrible. By the time that test was finally over Karl just needed it to be over. FM, the second exam traditionally taken by Actuarial students wasn’t as bad. According to Karl it was still a totally killer exam. The material was difficult, the was TONS of formulas to memorize, but the exam itself didn’t turn out to be so bad! There were a couple of days there where he was worried, but by the day of the exam he was ready.
He was able to finish in 2 hours of the 3 hours given. Booya!
Here is something worthy of the fridge!
He was really hungry and spilled some tomato on it…oops!
Karl went home and danced in his piles and piles of study materials.
We had agreed no matter what we would go out to celebrate the all the hard work Karl had put into this exam.

I picked Texas Roadhouse because I knew there was tons of lean protein I could eat there. And eat we did!
As we walked in, we stared to get really excited when we say the fresh cut meat that was waiting for us!
The eating began moments after we sat down.
Yes I look insane. In my defense I was really excited about the steak I had just order, the fact Karl had just finished his test, and the salad dressing I had just spilled on my shirt.
I don’t know if you can see it, but I can. Relief…giddy relief in both of our eyes. It was a terrible couple of weeks. We were like shut ins. This was one of the first times we had been out in DAYS!
There is nothing like a perfectly cooked piece of steak to remind you what’s important in life…food. We both ordered The Cowboy. If you have never been to Texas Roadhouse before, let me fill you in. It is a 16oz sirloin. Yeah, it’s a huge piece of meat.
Before that night I had never been able to finish one before. I have been on a diet for the last month. Which means I have been hungry for the past month. My stomach was empty…I had been saving myself for this all day!
This is me, taking my last bite. That’s right, I ate the whole thing. It was amazing, and totally worth the 2 pounds I gained from the meal. (BTW’s I lost them again over the next couple of days with no problem. BOOYA!)
Krysta made congratulations cookies for Karl, not me, which he totally enjoyed.
Congratulations Karl my love! You are a test taking ninja!

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