Homebodies and Babies

Since graduation life for Karl and I has really slowed down. Excitingly we finally got something really exciting in the mail:
It is official. Karl is a collage graduate. YEAH!
Another exciting thing that has been going on is there have been some baby animals in our lives. Namely, Chester, Sue, and Wendy.
My awesome Sister in law Leah is an intern for an animal rescue place here. So she is rehabilitating these adorable little babies. For those of you who know Karl, you can imagine how happy he is to be with these little cuties.
I mean AWWWW! So cute!
These little guys love Leah the most.
I mean look at this little one burrowed in her hair!
I mean these little guys just love her. When they crawl on my skin I just can’t handle it. They have 20 little fingers scratching on my skin at once…akk! Leah is so cute with them.
They feed them with a little bottle!
Branny loves them too.
Speaking of cute:
Karen loves them too!
I made the mistake of letting baby Wendy run around on my back unchecked. She left me a little surprise…
Besides all of these exciting things, we have been sticking around the house. Karl has his second actuarial exam, FM, on Tuesday so we have really been focusing on that. Keep him in your prayers!

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