May 5k, Among Other Things

This was one of my favorite runs yet. The logo in the shirts and bags we got was really cute:

Karen looked so cute. We got to Canyon Glen park at 8:00 and got on a yellow school bus to the start of the the race at Vivian park.

It was the first time I had been on a yellow bus for the first time in forever!
Krysta and Karen…

Here is Karen with the moccasins that her grandpa Digger got her. She loves them…and she is SO cute in them.

15 minutes later the bus was full and we were on our way.

It took FOREVER to get started. We waited for two other groups to get up and the race was on!

Here we are in action:
It was a beautiful run! There was a decent size group with us. Kids, adults, moms. Check out our view:

Bridal Veil mom! We were almost there!

We finished in about 44 minutes. I really liked this run for a couple of reasons. 1. Krysta and I stayed together the whole time. Way more fun. 2. It was beautiful. 3. Karen was CRAZY!
When we were finished I ran over to my friend and Co-worker, Claire’s bridal shower. This is Claire and Scott:

This is Claire with a mouth full of gum.

It’s a bridal shower game. Every wrong answer from questions about Scott, she had to eat a piece of gum. I HATE bridal showers. I never know what to say, and I always feel really uncomfortable. BUT, I love Claire, so I did it for her.
The Bike Blender, From Rock The Bike:
On it’s maiden voyage…

This is how it works:
Check out the mechanism.

Ahhh, so delicious. Apparently, I didn’t have any. Everyone else enjoyed it.

I mean Karen totally did.

2 thoughts on “May 5k, Among Other Things

  1. A bike blender!!!!!!! What will you guys think of next???????? I love it so much!!!!!! Provo Canyon is so beautiful! I think that is what i miss the most about Provo. Well it looks like you guys are having fun, as usual. Keep up the good work

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