Another Month of Orthodontia: Expansion and Extraction

May 18th:

After all of the the prep, it was finally time to get those crowded teeth all pushed apart!

After all of this build up, and pretty uncomfortable lower teeth expansion, Mirah was feeling pretty nervous.

But optimistic. Trying to help her feel excited.

She was nervous. They brought the different size rings to try and get her fitted for her new retainer/ Expander.

“Hey, Mirah, you got something on your face.” “I know mom” CHEESE for the camera.

May 25th

After getting fitted for the pallet expander, there it is, her new hardware:

First we got to see if it fits…IT FITS! Hooray! It has happened that it doesn’t fit before, and we are relieved.

They got her all ready, and then they got that thing all cemented in!

There it is! All fitted into place!!!

After the first few days we didn’t really see much change. The left was her after the first morning of turns. The right is after 3 days. Not much change.

Turning the expander every night was a whole thing. Karl was always up for the task, me too, but Karl always seemed do it with such panache.

After a week of turning her expander 2 times at night, we weren’t seeing too much of a difference.

So he prescribed another week of turns.

After just another day, we were really starting to see a difference.

Here she is in time line:

First day, few days, a week and a day, and two weeks.

So by June 8th we were all done! Teeth expanded!

June 9th

We had been sent to the dentist to get a couple more teeth pulled. Look at that gap! Yowzer! He poor mounth, there is just no room for her new teeth to come in. So we had her baby fangs pulled out.

Mirah has been in this chair before…look at the root on that tooth!!!

Off the gas, feeling pretty tired and puffy.

A couple of hour later, she was still bleeding a little, but two more teeth gone. We will be in a holding pattern for a while at this point.

More updates next month.

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