Summer Reading Program: Fantasy Quest!!

As with most summers, we are took part in the annual Orem Library Summer Reading Program.

This year’s Theme is Once Upon a Library:

The Library is all decorated with fun fantasy displays:

The kids especially loved the balloon sculpture of a butterfly reading a book on a mushroom.

After doing some exploring, we headed down to the basement to start this months fantasy activity: FANTASY QUEST!

We met the librarian who gave us the worksheets to work through and…CREATE OUR CHARACTERS!!

That’s right, it was a live action roll playing game. I have been playing D& D a couple of times a month with my siblings since February, so the kids were excited to play this choose your own adventure D&D style game. I was excited too! We went through the instructions on our pages. We each picked a fantasy themed race, a class, and a name for a our character. THEN we drew pictures of our characters.

Here are the characters we all made: (From Left to Right)

My Character: Lulu, Race Elf, Class Archer. Lucas’s Character: Geoffy, Race Goblin, Class Royal. Mirah’s Character: Rose, Race Fairy, Class Mage.

We were laughing and giggling so much as we made our characters the Librarian had to come over and remind us to whisper.

Each packet came with a map of the library, labeled with fantasy areas.

We went around to all of the whole library following signs, adding and taking points, getting items and gold.

When I say we went everywhere, I mean everywhere. We were in all the different sections of the Library, up and down stairs, the outside courtyard, and even the spiral staircase to and outdoor patio.

Here are all of our sheets, and hearts and point totals when we made it to the Black Smith and Pawn Shop.

We spent time there before we went into the Dragon’s Lair.

Our individual inventories: From left to right, Lucas, Me, Mirah

And then we were off, like a real D&D encounter. We rolled initiative, and had complex instructions.

It was touch and go there for a little while, our encounters:

In the end… We did it!!

We got our rewards: Ring pops!!

The jewels seemed fitting somehow.

Victory picture!!

W seriously had so much fun! I hope that they do something like this again next year!

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