Leslie and the Ly’s at the Urban Lounge

After dinner at Wingers and a rough dirve through the snow, we made it to the urban lounge in Salt Lake. Our tickets said that the concert started at 7. The problem was that when we got there the sign in the window said that it didn’t start until 9!

We hung out outside of the venue for a while checking out the posters on the window. There was one that was especially disgusting, that Leah kept trying to take a picture of, this was my effort to get her to stop.

It was getting cold, so we decided to sit in the car, and listen to music.

Once we finished listening to the music that we had, we looked her up on YouTube. This was interesting. We listened to a piece about Leslie done by Radio Lab, on NPR.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYm9ntUfJa8Finally it was almost 9, so we waited by the door, and the crazies started to show up. There was a girl dressed like Leslie behind me, we tried to get a reverse photo bomb, but it was too dark. So we just asked her.

Her name was Annie.
At last we made it inside! We bought some Leslie merch, me a sweater, Karl a shirt.
I also bought this post card.
We were all getting tired of waiting, but finally the first opening band was set up.

They were called Birthquake and were started by a group of brothers from Salt Lake…ok. The music was mixed too loud and they were all drunk.

The next band was call Christopher Conquered, and between the terrible lead man, and again the very poorly mixed sound, I was getting ill. Christopher was totally high and had terrible language. They are from Leslie’s home town in Iowa, and they began to make me nervous.

The Lys began to set up and I recognized this girl from the music videos.

I was getting really excited.

So was Karl, can’t you see the anticipation on our faces!?

Then the madness began. These vidoes are all really long, so we decided to post them on YouTube, so they would run better. Karl and I took all four of these.

There she was, lady gem her self!

The above is a harness built to emphasis the tight pants. I loved it!

The same kitty/tiger hats from the tight pants video!

Now if you listened to the NPR link about Leslie, you will know that she got her start with her bedazzled sweaters. So most of her early songs are about that time. Here is an early set of sweaters.
Yes, during the show she Christened a sweater, check out the ceremony.
The madness continued, more awesome songs and costume changes and screaming and laughter.

The show was over then came the encore!

This guy was pulled up on stage. He chose to wear this full bodied suit. My oh my, all tight pants all the time.

She was joined by the beanie baby band. Very cool…
When the show was over we waited for a while to meet the band.

I met one of the Ly’s, Mona Bonez. She was really cool. I recognized her from a lot of the videos. She said this was her third tour with Leslie.

Then out came the woman herself. I was the first person to greet her when she came out of the green room. All I said was, “Hi, would you sign?” and she attacked me! Luckily Leah was ready with the camera.

This is where she asked me my name:

She posed some more!

Brandon met her too.

One more pose for the camera!

Yes, she squished my face against her face. I loved it.
It was 1:30 am when we finally left the Urban Lounge. 20 Minutes after that, we realized that day light savings started in 10 min…meaning it was almost 3am…and we had church at 9. Tired, foot sore, and so happy, we crashed into bed! Such a great night!

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