Rex Lee Run, Race For the Cure

So Krysta and I continue our quest to finish a 5k a month. We were ready and raring. We biked over to the track and field stadium. It was over cast and cold.
Pre run shot!

We are so cute! Check out some more cute people:

Karl, Karen and Zac.

I was really nervous before this race. I seemed to be so big. There were tons of people.
Look, Gemaine Clements was there too!

The Rex Lee Run, Race For the Cure, is an event to support cancer research. Lots of people ran for people they knew with cancer, who survived , or who died from cancer. Many wore signs on their backs. Like this one below. I ran in memory of my Grandma’s Pipkin and Murphy.

Krysta and I break it down. Just remember, I am really nervous.
We made a couple more stops before the race began:
Pic with Cosmo the Cougar!

We checked out the route:

Made sure Karen was going to be OK, which, she really wasn’t, because who likes to see your mom run away from you?
And the race is on!
The George Q. Cannon.

44:03 minutes later…both Krysta and I made it across the line. Krysta actually totally beat me, but i did it too!

Then came the award ceremony. By this point the temperature had plummeted, and it had started to rain. I later found out that I was 1302/more or less 2000, over all. I knew I hadn’t broken any records, so there was no award for me. There were however prizes for people who waited.

There were lots of people waiting. I was grumpy.

My feet usually hurt after a run, but this time was especially painful. My left foot was really sore and I wanted to go home. I ended up winning a free pizza and 5 dollars off at the Pita Pit. We road our bikes home in the freezing rain! I am really glad I did it, but it was really painful this time. Even now, a day and a half later, my foot is wrapped, elevated, and iced. I need new shoes.

6 thoughts on “Rex Lee Run, Race For the Cure

  1. A good pair of running shoes makes ALL the difference! In my ghetto shoes that I first started running in I got bloody toes from my toes rubbing up against each other. But now I can run without any pain. It's an investment that is well worth the price. Proud of you, Allie!!! xoxo

  2. That's so awesome! What a sweet goal. I am so impressed with you guys! So my brother Bryce got 3rd place overall at that race, so you may have seen his pretty face.

  3. Remember how sore we are now!!! Let's do something fun this week like get pedicures…well when your foot feels better maybe back massages. I look like an old woman walking around!

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