No Snow 5k

In an effort to get healthy my dear friend Krysta an I have decided to run in 5k’s. Now to some of you 3.2 miles doesn’t seem like much but to me, it is quite a feat!
Here we are on our way to UVU where the race is to be run.
All smiles of course. I am wearing my lavender run t-shirt from the only other 5k I have been in.
Here we are signing into the run. We bought tickets ahead of time, and we got a free t-shirt and free Junior frosty right off the bat.

Cute. Right?

Zac works at the outdoor resource center at UVU and he and his co workers were busy making a pancake breakfast, also free to runners, for everyone when they were done.

Zac is seen here setting up an outdoor stove.
Krysta and I scoped out the course be for the race began. Here was a pretty funny ad for the event.

Oh yeah, did you know that the UVU mascot is the wolverine?

This is Karen saying “hi” to the wolverine. She is so cute.

The announcer gets up and starts to tell us about the race, and I start to get nervous. Some people are really into it. Cross country runners and guys with nothing but spandex.

Krysta and I tried our best to make sense of the map. I have to admit that it was really confusing.

One more pose before the race begins!

And we are off!

The first leg of the race Krysta and I were together. She was so sweet, she just wanted to make sure that I was sure about where I was going.

Here we are running down to hall of flags!
Now here we are in action.
I was a little sick that morning, and so I needed to take a bathroom break. So we were separated and I was on my own.

Here is a video of Karl chasing me down the hall.

Alone down the hall of flags.
Karl, Zac and Karen hung out while we ran.

All alone I thought many things. Top on that list was, “wow, I am not so bad a running after all.”

41 minutes 28 seconds! Sure beats my 53 minutes in the Lavender run!
Finally, my pancake breky!

Krysta basking in her glory. She beat me by a couple of minutes. Good job kid!

Oh, and Karen liked her pancakes too.

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